Bat for Lashes: When it’s Daniel vs Laura, Daniel always wins

Or perhaps you should tell me. Bat For Lashes – Daniel (HD) from Peter Pan on Vimeo. Bat For Lashes – Laura from Helle on Vimeo.

Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me the New Beach House Album was Released 2 Month’s Ago?

Because you are all shitty friends.  I could have been grooving to this perfect summer album all summer instead of in it’s last month.  That’s okay, I guess, because Bloom makes an excellent… Continue reading

Pros and Cons of a Sugar Daddy

Where I am now: Single, but not ready to mingle.  Needing to rebound hard.  Tired of taking care of someone.  Wanting somebody to take care of me. PROS – I get to maintain… Continue reading

Everyone has returned to me

Happy Monday all!!  I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s because my mom visited, or because all my labmates are back from their summer adventures, but I am sitting here listening to… Continue reading

On Middle Parts

I once dated a boy where we had a long running joke about middle parts, as in middle parting your hair.  This joke lasted for months and brought me endless pleasure.  It wasn’t… Continue reading

Midi Matilda – Day Dream (MyKill Remix)

You should know that I am choosing these songs because they make me feel AWESOME.  Today in particular, this has been my jam.  Also fun fact: I had to edit all the “your”s… Continue reading

Orion – In the End

I know nothing about Orion except that for about a month now I have been calling it “orie-on.”  Which makes you look like an idiot and not me. Enjoy.  Lyrics and video are… Continue reading

On Girls and Their Break-up Habits

When a modern day girl goes through a break-up she does the following: 1) Gives friends minute to minute updates about where they stand with their ex. me: I’ve decided to remain in… Continue reading

Collect Call – Metric

Currently, I am obsessed with the remix of “Collect Call” by Metric.  I backwards discovered the original, and I love it more.  Here they are. Shared and loved. Adventure Club Dubstep Remix Original… Continue reading

Lana Del Rey

HOW U SAY: Before, when she was Lizzy Grant, she looked like Brittany Murphy.  Now, as Lana Del Rey she looks like Jessica Rabbit. Her music has stayed the same though.  I loved… Continue reading